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Civicall SW™ Civicall Solid Waste Version

Civicall SW is a special version of our Civicall system customized for solid waste, trash hauling, and recycling operations within jurisdictions as well as specialized municipal authorities.

Customization includes fields for route numbers and hauling vendors. With this special system, jurisdictions can save time and money by:

  • Ensuring that all citizen complaints are documented and handled promptly. With Civicall SW, it is virtually impossible for a resident’s complaint for missed pickup or damage to “fall through the cracks.”
  • Allowing haulers to access the list of the problems related to them, and ONLY to them. Haulers can easily consolidate return pickups saving time and money and speeding up service to residents. Haulers can also easily track where problems have occurred so that appropriate remedial actions can be taken.
  • Monitoring the performance of haulers. When problems are thoroughly documented, hauling contractors are held specifically accountable for their performance. This allows jurisdictions leverage in contract evaluations as well as providing the detailed documentation often required to terminate the contracts of under-performing vendors.

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